About me

Hi, I’m Dennis!

I’m the founder of Dentexion, a MedTech spin-off from the University of Basel and the University of Zürich, based on research from my doctoral thesis. I am a fellow of the prestigious grant “Bridge proof-of-concept” from SNF.

My research interest is in automatic image analysis, specifically in probabilistic methods such as Statistical Shape Models (SSMs) and their practical usage.

I have a Ph.D. and an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Basel and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Aarhus University.

I’ve previously worked for nearly ten years within the wind power industry, doing everything from hardware design to developing test systems, low-level controller software, web applications for automatic documentation creation, and in-the-field software acceptance tests.

I like learning new things and challenging myself by acquiring new skill sets, such as tutoring classes, pitch competitions, or coding hackathons.